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I started the paper over as a guide for you to use. I completed the abstract and what the paper will cover. I need a case study around a child that people are disgusted by but still needs to be loved. I provided the two points it should make reference to base off the book
1 Feb 2021 02:07
1 Feb 2021 02:05
I hope this is better for you to follow. Let me know if you have any questions based on this paper and the other information I gave you.
1 Feb 2021 01:44
Please create a case study related to church/the Christian life that connects directly to your course of study (Spiritual Formation, Pastoral Leadership, Missional Growth, Youth, Church and Culture). Give the relevant details so that a thorough analysis can be done. Next, choose two arguments made in “Unclean” unpack each thoroughly (e.g. contamination logic, moral dumbfounding, disgust and sexuality, disgust and hospitality, etc.). Be sure to explain Beck’s arguments and the evidence he cites supporting his views. Now take these concepts and apply them to the case study given. How is disgust playing a role in the case study chosen (be sure to craft a thoughtful case study. One you can apply the material too directly). Finally, give your assessment of Beck’s arguments. Where are they strong? How are they helpful? Where are they weak, vague, underdeveloped?
The book this paper is on is Unclean by Richard Beck…

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