Business and Management

this is going to be eater. It's a timed exam so there's going to be two hours and there's going
to be a case started. So you'll be given a case study, which you need to read and respond to
the questions and there is there are certain technique technicalities around submission.

and there will be communication sent if it hasn't been done sir, but regarding the specifics of
you know, uploading submitting your your answer and that's all done centrally and you
know, we will we will take into account you can when there are situations where there are
issues with the broadband.

We took effect, you know submission over an exam paper and so on and so forth. That's
that's going to be though the exchange the exception but for every eventuality we've got the
tree detailed set of connecting lines with 350 V8 has been sent to use it only if it hasn't it will
be it will be sent. as we approach the extras such as I said on the technicalities you all today

the terms of the content of the of the exams you will be given a case study. drum from the
company and you will need you read the case study. for those of you who have interacted
engage with the material. I'm sure you knew come up question read your number of case
studies and we work in a number of companies and examples you're looking at what
companies are doing why they're doing and all that so that that two knots the first part so
that you know, you need to read and go through and then there's

second bond, which is answering the four questions of the case that and this is really for this
is really what I want you to. Not simply answer the questions answer the questions in a way
that makes sense to everything that we work through all the semester it connects to the
concerts to our won't I really want to see you know, the links that you too when answering
questions and how do you bring into the discussion points concert?

themes Lessons Learned From from other from the material from the presentations from
the lectures and any any work. We did all this all these weeks. so as with every exam at this
level at the embassy level the past Mark is 50 and 50 essentially means that you will be
demonstrating basic understanding of of you know, the concept that you are it's to this
Council to address for to come up with a solution so that be a basic understanding and then
slowly pop smooth.

Range of 60s. It means that you understand you've started showing signs of the meaningful
discussion. You bring examples you make connections and so on and so forth and the fans
first class that's above 70 percent mark means that not only youth demonstrate an

understanding but this understanding now is this fool is complete these Philistines. Eric you
are now doing critical discussion. So you knew just saying why things are happening, but
you're explaining you say what is happening right now. It's happening,. But you're also
explaining why so there's a critical discussion element a and then when appropriate you also
drink examples from the companies are the cases.

And many references, you know work research papers you you've seen on you come across
during the term. And that's something that you know you need to do forur or four
questions. of course as an examination process and you know that from your even from your
childhood or from your high school years, everything is boils down to time management. So,
you know knowing the answer is one thing writing the answer and making sure you do it in a
within the timing window you've got

Is another thing so you need to factor in not elements mean in your responses. It's a it's a it's
an open book exam in the sense that you know, you could you could go back the material
from from the module and I really really need to do that because the nature of exam
questions anyway are not in any way.


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