The Neuropsychiatric Disorder Psychopathy and Crime

write a 8-10-page Research Paper.
You must have a thesis statement followed by a review of the literature that summarizes what others have written about your topic. Conclude your paper with suggestions for future research on the topic. Your paper must not read like an annotated bibliography, nor should it be a series of disjointed paragraphs; rather, the information must be synthesized and flow smoothly.
The 8-10 page requirement does not include the title page and reference page. You must utilize at least 10 scholarly sources. Before submitting your Research Paper, you will submit a non-graded rough draft that serves as an accountability check for plagiarism. The order and length of your paper is as follows:

1. Title page – 1 page
2. Body of the paper – 8-10 pages
Attached are the 3 articles that should be used along with the additional 7 references that should be used and cited


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