The future of community psychology – professional blueprint

PSY 442 Milestone Two Rubric (this paper is part two of three)
Overview: Milestone Two: Concepts in Community Psychology is a structured paper that includes three elements of the professional blueprint (the final product for the course). These elements provide an overview of community psychology (CP) and how the field applies to your professional goals and interests (graduating in summer bachelor in psychology – concentration in mental health. Winter enrolled and working towards a masters in mental health counseling/psychology).
1. The Future of CP
Write a two-page response that explains your vision for the future of CP. Include specific examples to illustrate key points.
2. Key Concepts
Write a two-page response that identifies and analyzes at least five key concepts in CP. Reference course resources (ATTACHED), articles. NOTE ALL ADDITIONAL REFERENCES OF ARTICLES MUST BE NO OLDER THAN JAN 2018. THANK YOU.
3. Stakeholder Perceptions
Write a two-page response to the following questions:
a. Are the concepts identified readily agreed upon or contentious?
b. How are the concepts understood by different stakeholder groups (police, educators, business owners, taxpayers, and so on) in the community?
Provide specific examples to support your position.
The three elements will become part of your professional blueprint.
Guidelines for Submission: Written components of projects must follow these formatting guidelines: double spacing, 12-point Times New

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