Page 1 Describe changes in the brain as people reach older age and then say what people could do to try to maintain a healthy brain as they age.

2 Using the book and the videos, please list and describe the 8 parts of the process of prenatal development of the brain. It is pages 158-167 in the book and it is the 8 processes that are highlighted in green

Using the book and videos, please describe the state of the adolescent brain with regard to development, and then say why this could pose problems in people’s lives

This concept of neural plasticity is wonderful, meaning that sometimes people can overcome brain insults and improve their situation. This could be from infancy to the elderly. Pick a story, either from someone in your own life or from public figures, to illustrate the brain insult that person had and what they did to improve their situation. Please also describe their eventual outcome. For example, my daughter had a neurological insult at age 19 years and was told she’d never dance again. Now, she is a ballroom dance instructor and competitor. She rehabbed using cognitive strategies and ballet conditioning techniques, along with physical therapy


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