Project Management

The purpose of this assessment is to provide you with the opportunity to develop a project management plan for the project that you had defined in your first assessment and to provide recommendations for successful implementation of the project. I have attached the first assessment that was recently completed that the project management plan will be written on. The template is also attached that needs to be followed.

To establish the context for this assessment, you are required to present a summary (maximum one page) of the project’s descriptions, objectives, success criteria, and priorities that you had defined in your first assessment. This section will NOT be included in the word count.
The project management plan and analysis:
Project title
A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) plus a discussion on your preferred approach for creating an effective WBS.
The project’s schedule plus a discussion on the strategies for reducing the project’s duration
Identification and evaluation of the major risks that might be involved in the project plus a risk response plan.
Recommendations and guidelines for the successful implementation of the project plan.

First, discuss the potential causes of the project’s success/failure for the project that you have developed a plan for in this assessment. To support your discussion, you are required to reflect on your experience and refer to the research conducted in this area. Then, provide recommendations and guidelines for reinforcing/avoiding the causes of the project’s success/failure. You are required to use any two of the following concepts to develop the recommendations and guidelines:
Project management structures
Managing project teams
Project progress and performance evaluation
Project closure
Benefits realisation
Project governance
Ethics in project management


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