Personality Traits

Please watch this video called “Life at 7: Peers”

I’ve also attached a powerpoint slides.

Please add your responses in a way that discriminates them from the questions. Thank you.

What are the characteristics of extroversion as you see demonstrated by Anastasia? What the qualities of introversion as evident in Ben?

According to your text, neuroscience researchers have found that extroverts have larger areas that process _______.

In contrast to extroverts, some researchers suggest that introverts have naturally higher levels of brain arousal than extroverts and thus are more avoidant of situations (like large groups of people) which will further increase brain arousal. There’s a psychologist mentioned in your text who first came up with this idea of ‘arousability’ – who was it? (hint: answers are in the section called “Biological Perspectives”.)

Along with introversion-extroversion, what other two personality dimensions did this researcher say are higher-order traits? In sum, his model includes these three traits, whereas McCrae and Costa’s Big Five model adds two other dimensions – what are the two that McCrae and Costa added?

Is introversion the same thing as shyness?

Toward the end of this video segment, the children are assessed for empathy. The degree to which a person has empathy is separate from introversion-extroversion and is an aspect of another personality trait in McCrae and Costa’s Big Five model – which one?

In terms of the neuroscience of personality, your text also mentions that those high in neuroticism tend to have more activity in _______ and that conscientiousness is correlated with the size of brain areas regulating ________.

Now, going back to the section on Freud’s psychodynamic perspective, the impulsive, older centres in our brains are analogous to Freud’s notion of the ____, which operates according to the pleasure principle. On the other hand, the centres that allow us to modulate our behaviour and make decisions in service of longer-term goals are more consistent with how he conceptualizes the ____ and operates according to the reality principle


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