MGT-20135-XA129 Organizational Culture 21DA01

You are a consultant who regularly works with organizations to conduct evaluations of their organizational culture. Company X is a thriving business that is constantly looking to grow and improve. Leadership at Company X recognizes the importance of assessing their corporate culture as it relates to the company’s performance and effectiveness.

You have been contacted by Company X to perform an assessment of Company X’s culture. The company is expecting you to provide insight on which aspects of the culture need improvement and the culture’s impact on organizational effectiveness and performance.

You will perform an evaluation of the company’s organizational culture and provide recommendations that leadership can act on. Company X’s human resources (HR) manager has provided you with assessment data collected from an employee engagement survey and an annual productivity report.

It is your responsibility to evaluate and summarize the assessment data to provide insight on the aspects of culture and its importance related to the organization’s effectiveness and employee performance. You will present this to several stakeholders. Your summary will be a valuable tool for the HR manager to evaluate and support the culture in the future.

Evaluation: The culture of an organization is unique and has a strong influence on the people and performance of the organization. To be truly successful, an organization must effectively establish and communicate the culture. Summarize the state of Company X’s organizational culture to share with stakeholders, including the HR manager. In your summary, you should address the following using the Cultural Assessment Data to support your evaluation:

Describe the company’s culture in detail. Consider one or more of the following to inform your response:
Shared assumptions, values, and beliefs among members of the organization
The type of culture and subcultures that exist within the organization
Areas of agreement or disagreement among employees on their perspective of the organizational culture
Explain the strengths and weaknesses of the organizational culture.
Identify the aspects that support (or hinder) the company’s effectiveness and performance.
Recommendations: Using the conclusions from your evaluation, create recommendations for Company X’s HR manager to move forward with assessing the culture in the future. In your recommendations, you should address the following:

Describe in detail the best practices to effectively administer a cultural assessment. Consider strategies the new HR manager can use to mitigate potential biases in the data.
Recommend effective strategies to improve culture within the organization. Consider one or more of the following to inform your response:
The roles of management and leadership in regard to supporting the organizational culture
How the company should effectively demonstrate or communicate cultural improvements to their employees
How your evaluation and recommended strategies will affect the organization’s effectiveness and performance
What to Submit
Every project has a deliverable or deliverables, which are the files that must be submitted before your project can be assessed. For this project, you must submit the following:

Organizational Cultural Assessment Summary


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