Letter 1: Routine Reply/Positive Message

Letter 1: Routine Reply/Positive Message
You are in charge of an exclusive student organization and have the task of notifying new
members of their acceptance. Write a letter to an applicant (see below) congratulating him on
his acceptance and welcoming him to the organization. Feel free to use creativity when defining
the club’s purpose (nonprofit, community-building, sports or cultural). You select the scenario
that is most applicable to your interests.
Use the modified block letter format for this assignment. The format of your letter tells the
reader a lot about your professionalism and your organization’s credibility. Pay particular
attention to your letter's margins, line spacing, font type and size, and placement of letter parts
such as the return address, date, inside address, salutation, complimentary close, and signature
Your applicant’s information is as follows: Eric Ramirez, 555 SW 8 th St. #503, Miami, FL 33199.
You can create your own student organization name (Chemists Who Care, Multicultural Student
Alliance, etc.) as well as your title in the organization (President, Secretary, Director of
Outreach, etc.).
Recommended Organization
Begin your letter with an introductory paragraph that states your purpose and congratulates
the applicant on his/her acceptance. You can even reference the exclusivity of the club and the
great achievement of being admitted.
In the first paragraph of the body include information that refreshes the reader's memory
about your organization and what you do. This could include past events/programs or simply
how the applicant may have heard about the club.
In the second paragraph refer to the specific expectations of group members. This could
include dates of training/information sessions, required documents, or mandatory attendance
to organization meetings.
In the third paragraph of the body (the fourth paragraph of the letter), congratulate the
student again on his/her acceptance and emphasize the value this membership will add to
his/her resume.
This section could also include a brief list of skills a member of this group may obtain through
active involvement in the organization.

Begin your closing paragraph with a courteous transition and thank the student for his/her
interest in your organization. Welcome the student to your exclusive community and
conclude your letter by indicating how the reader may contact you if he/she has any


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