Global Economics

Part I. We have analyzed the USMCA by Jen Kirby posted on Blackboard. We have analyzed that the NAFTA has been revisited and has become the USMCA and has 8 sections.

Please PICK ONE of these 8 sections and RESEARCH it to explain what is this change about, the debate, the reason, the details, the why and how, etc.

1. Country of origin rules

2. Labor Provisions

3. US farmers access to Canadian dairy market

4. International property and digital trade

5. Trade dispute – Chapter 19

6. Chapter 11

7, Section 232 tariff protections

8. Sunset clause.

Part II. We have read ” How to make trade work for workers” by Robert E. Lighthizer where he is explaining that trade policies have traditionally viewed from two perspective: Foreign Policy and Economic Efficiency. However, he is proposing an alternative to the question: WHAT SHOULD THE OBJECTIVE OF TRADE POLICY BE?

Please explain what this debate is all about (foreign policy, economic efficiency, and alternative proposal) and please briefly explain your opinion.


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