Geo-assignment 1 Federal Government

Geo-assignment 1 Federal Government
Dr. Michael J. Lenaghan POS 2041 SPRING 2021
On a surface(s) no smaller than 8 and ½ inches by 11 inches draw by hand response to
the following questions, illustrated by your own symbols and abbreviations in a manner
comprehensible by the onlooker. DUE February 24 2/24/21 at midnight
57 largest political jurisdictions of the USA.
56 capitals of the 57 largest political jurisdictions of the USA.
7 principal rivers
3 principal mountain ranges
10 largest cities
5 most productive 1) agricultural, 2) industrial and 3) energy regions of the USA
The locations of the following Units of The Federal Government in the USA:
Treasury Department and Regional Mints
Federal Reserve principal office and regional locations
Supreme Court and its major District and Appeals Courts
Department of Homeland Security Headquarters and its major units
Principal headquarters and locations of five largest units of
*Army * Marine Corps
*Navy * Air Force
*Coast Guard * Merchant marines
Major Global Regional Headquarters for US Armed Forces
Major Locations of the following:
*Department of Labor * Department of Energy
*Department of Commerce * Department of Agriculture
*Department of Health and Human Services, including
Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes for Health
*Department of Justice * Dept of Homeland Security
*Department of Education *Central Intelligence Agency
*Department of Veterans Affairs * Environmental Protection
*Department of Interior * USA Ambassador to UN
Nuclear laboratories of the US Government
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Grading will be based upon 1/3 for content: answered the question!
1/3 for graphics: are your symbols understandable and 1/3 for relationships: are
locations in generally correct distance and proportion to each other.
EXTYRA!!! What is the objective of this exercise and how will you master the

2021 Michael J. Lenaghan


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