Forensic Science

Crime scene project

First and foremost…do NOT commit a crime to complete this project!!

Review the Crime Scene lecture on

Pay attention to the sections where I outline photos, sketches, and documentation.

You will take the parts of the Crime Scene and Physical Evidence lecture and compose your own crime scene. This scene must include photos, a sketch, and a narrative explaining what evidence is present for collection. The narrative can be short, just explain briefly what the scene shows and what evidence you observed to be present. Photos must include the scene overalls and evidence establishing photos (mid-range). Close-up photos are optional for this project. The sketch must have a key, compass points, and those words you heard me stress over and over!

This is a chance to be a bit creative with the events of the crime and how you’d process unravel the evidence from the scene itself. As with all projects you will have this semester, please feel free to email me to ask for guidanc


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