Family Life Education (FLE)_ Question _B

Each question must meet the word minimum. Stay close to the word minimum. Answers need to be brief.

This is an assignment and not an essay. Do not rewrite the question. Please just label each answer 1,2,3, and 4

Apply answers to Family Life Education (FLE).

NO DIRECT QUOTES or CITATIONS needed; all responses must be in your OWN WORDS.

Please answer the following questions that assess your understanding while making note of the word count for each response. You must meet the MINIMUM word count requirements to receive full points.

1. Discuss the differences between open and closed questions. Why are open questions important in dialogue education? (50 word minimum)

2. Why is affirmation of the audience important in dialogue education? Give 2 examples of affirmative comments. (50 word minimum)

3. Does transfer of learning take place during a Family Life Education presentation or after the presentation? Explain. (50 word minimum)

4. Discuss the role of PowerPoint in the design of a presentation. (100 word minimum)


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