cultural group.

For this option students will complete a 1600-2300 word paper detailing some aspect of a specific cultural group. The paper should include the application of how the information in the paper may impact one’s approach to counseling and individual from that group. Findings will be presented to the class as part of a group presentation. This paper should be written academically and be appropriately referenced with a minimum of 5 scholarly resources. Failure to use adequate resources will result in a lower grade. A resource may be a book, journal article from a professional journal, or textbook. Professional resources would not include magazine articles (People, McCalls, etc.) opinions from other students or lay people, or other types of non-scholarly sources (such as travel or business guides or web resources such as Wikipedia). Non journal web resources will NOT be accepted for this paper. APA format should be followed. The paper score will be weighted as follows: APA format & References, 25%; Writing (grammar, editing, etc.), 25%; Content, 50%.


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