Constructivist theory

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Most of the educational institutions are using these two theories and I believe that these theories
have sharped learner’s personalities not only in the classroom but also in the environment.
Constructivist theory is a learning based on the students constructing their own  knowledge
through learning experience by the aid of the teachers helping students to complete tasks..
According to Stanley and Jones (2002), It is student-centered where learners rebuild on what
they know by using their mind (cognitive) in order to get their own knowledge but not getting
knowledge from the teachers.
Behaviorist theory focuses on students learning through observing from other people's
experiences in the environment and themselves. Behaviorism is centered on transmission of
knowledge from the instructor to the student. (Skinner 1974)
Below is how the constructivist and behaviorist theory has shaped sharped my current classroom
instruction and teaching philosophy.
Constructivist theory in my option has helped me to adjust on my mental ability (cognitive),
critical thinking in order to accommodate new experiences. Research shows that constructivist
theory has two forms i.e. cognitive and social constructivist. (vygotsky 1962) therefore by using

cognitive constructivist am


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