Case Analysis #1

Case Analysis #1

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Historic Lesson/Case Analyses Assignment #1

All students review the healthcare data breaches details found here: (Links to an external site.)

Students with the last name beginning with letters A-M may choose any breach numbered 1-5 on the list.

Students with the last name beginning with letters N-Z may choose any breach numbered 6-10 on the list.

The submission should include these components:

    • Introduction/Synopsis
      • This should summarize the key details of the events that occurred. Yes, students must include information beyond what is provided in the above link and note “Wikipedia” is not a reliable source (but is a good starting point to gather general information). The grader will be looking for additional references beyond the course textbook and the provided link.
      • The best way to identify detailed information is to “Google” the name of the entity with the word “breach” behind it into Google (i.e. “Brandywine Urology Consultants Breach”). Filter the search on “News,” and you should be able to
    • Using the course textbook, discuss one major concept that you feel the selected organization did not “master” which eventually lead to the breach. Be sure to substantiate your response with additional external sources (if necessary).
  • A template is attached. It is recommended this is used when constructing the final assignment submission: Case Analysis 1 Assignment Template 20210214.docxPreview the document

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