Brochure Draft

Brochure Draft

After you put down some concepts on paper in the Brochure Thumbnail assignment (in-person class, not online class), you will now have to plan, design, and write all headlines and sub-headlines for a brochure for a company, service, product(s), or issue/cause. Those of you who submitted the thumbnail assignment for feedback already have a very good idea of what you will be working on. Some of you even have the assignment partially completed.

  1. For the design portion, the brochure should have the following:
    • overall size: 8 ½ by 11 inches, folded in three so 3 panels on each side of the page, and landscape orientation.

      Remember your gutter must be twice the size of your margin. I would recommend a 0.25 or 0.375-inch margin. You must have a 1/8th (0.125) inch bleed, even if you don’t use it. You must use a grid. Review the brochure guidelines in the module.

      In terms of layout, the brochure should have the following:

    • You must have real headlines, subheads, and captions (real English words relevant to the topic of your design). For the body, a copy may be filled copy. See “What is Ipsum Lorem?“. Please keep in mind that in order for me to visualize your layout, you must place your columns, and images (even if they are just temporary images or clipart).
  2. As far as the planning goes, you must answer the following questions in a separate Word document. However, please do not neglect other design considerations:
    • Message to your audience (what are you saying? what are you selling? what are you promoting? what is your call-to-action?)
    • The audience for your brochure (who are you talking to? Young adults 18-25? Stay at home mothers? Senior citizens? Professional women 30-39 living in the big metropolis?). Be as specific as possible.
    • Color selection (why is your choice of colors appealing or appropriate to your audience? why does it fit your message? Please remember the color assignment)
    • Typeface (how is your type selection appealing or appropriate to your audience? Please remember the typography assignment)

Please write your rationale in a Word doc. Please spell-check your assignment. You must also submit your draft in InDesign and PDF.

The assignment is a compilation of previous assignments and a prelude to your final assignment.

The draft is worth 10 points. I will be grading on planning (written part) and design draft. Please carefully examine all the resources provided in this module and previous modules (specifically typography and color); they should help you complete this assignment.

To recap:

Submit both the .pdf and the .idml file for this assignment so I can review your headlines and subheads, and their layout in the brochure. Please review the grading rubric. Submit the rationale in a separate Word doc.

**If you do not answer the questions above coherently, you will not receive full credit.**

Please ask all the questions and clarifications before turning in the assignment, not after you receive a grade you are unhappy with.


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