Typeface design & naming

Assignment #5-Typeface design & naming

After designing your typeface and looking at all details, Digitalize the typeface using Fontself.  Upload your typeface, include lower case and all capitals, numerals and punctuation. It is a detailed process that will take you several days to design each character and upload to the fontself software, and make revisions. It requires adjustments etc etc. Take your time.

Once done, include the actual font file created in fontself- This font file you can also install with your regular fonts to use with your adobe creative cloud software.

I’ve attached previous assignments. Comments are as below

Assignment #4- A typeface concept

Interesting concept, Marie. Please correct the P and the R and the G. Remember to keep them within the same module and lined up otherwise it will be hard to create a real usable font from this one. You must also include the capital letters, numbers, and the icons. re-upload when ready

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