The Critical and Extensive Evaluation of the longstanding debate on the relationship between technology and jobs.

Topic: As far back as the “Luddite Movement” of the early 19th century, there has been an enduring concern that new technologies would displace many workers to idleness and economic misery. Such concerns are very much alive today.

The writer must critically evaluate the longstanding debate on the relationship between technology and jobs and comment on how technological change is impacting on sectors of the economy and the public policy response that is required.

*The writer should note that this assignment requires a lot of reading about International Economic Issues, which dates back to as far as the 18th Century to date. Vase understanding of theeconomical history, development and issues is required.

*Recommend materials, articles, journals and books to read are listed in the word document.

*Citation and referencing of used materials are very essential.

*Other materials or outside readings deemed relevant to this assignment, to be used is highly welcomed.

*The use of diagrams/illustrations that is relevant t to this topic is highly welcomed.

*Grading Criteria
• Document must reflect outstanding are relevant content.
• Document must reflect in-depth knowledge and understanding of principles and concepts related to the topic.
• Document must integrate information into a wider context.
• Document must reflect excellent analysis and interpretation.
• Document must reflect evidence of a significant amount of outside reading.
• Document must reflect a logically structured and clear approach.
• Document must reflect answers that are original and reflective.


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