summarizing and analyzing the article,

When summarizing and analyzing the article, look for details the author uses to add credibility to the
writing. At the same time, try to gauge the effectiveness of that support. When summarizing, you are
not judging the accuracy of the article, but looking at the key points. Analysis of the article is a place
to assess accuracy and potential speaker bias. Generally, authors of scientific articles try to be as
accurate as possible, but there are times when theoretical situations cannot be defined with concrete
data. Go through the following steps, and be as thorough as you can be.
1. Go to the following article:
2. Read the article completely.
3. Open a Microsoft Word document and complete the following steps:
Step 1
Start your page with an APA citation for the video
 Use Citation Machine to generate your citation by following this link:

Step 2
Summarize the article in 150-200 words. The idea is to show that you understand the
argument and support for it. Do this by explaining the most important details of the
reading. You must identify the main ideas and the key points of the article.
Step 3
Analyze in 150-200 words. Look at how the article is set up and discuss its effectiveness.
You should look at the details of the article and consider whether there is any bias or if
there may be any other way to interpret what is being presented. You do not need to
give an opinion, but instead discuss the details and their relevance. Look at how
evidence is presented and consider any other interpretations you may see. Look at the
evidence and support, and try to see any other possible angles not covered in the
article. There may be none.

* Your Page Should Be Set Up Similar To The Following Purdue Owl Example:

4. When you have completed the assignment, submit your file to Blackboard.
5. Only after you have finished, complete the discussion board assignment on the topic of the


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