Special Educational Needs and Disability

The written RP submission should include:
A brief introduction (no more than 50 words) setting your school’s context with reference to SEND, EAL and High Achieving Pupils.
Use evidence from a range of current research material to reflect on recent thinking and development in relation to SEND provision and adaptive teaching.

Explanation and evaluation of appropriate teaching strategies and approaches you have used as a teacher of at least two pupils (with different needs). Ideally, we would suggest a SEND or EAL pupil, and a high achieving pupil. You need to clearly demonstrate the impact the strategies had on your pupils’ progress.

Use the following “Recommended Reading List” to begin your reflection on Responding to pupils needs – you are not expected to read the whole list.

Cotteril, T (2019) Principles and Practices of Working with Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disability
Cowley, S (2018) The Ultimate Guide to Differentiation: Achieving Excellence for All
Dawson, P and Guare, R (2008) Smart and Scattered
Gershon, M (2013) How to use Differentiation in the Classroom: The Complete Guide: Volume 3 (How to…Great Classroom Teaching Series)
Gershon, M (2016) 50 Quick Ways to Stretch and Challenge More-Able Students: Volume 16 (Quick 50 Teaching Series)


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