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The name of the book we will be using for this assignment is ; Essentials of Lifespan Development, John Santrock; 6e McGraw Hill Publishers….. I have an ebook of it on my Amazon kindle ;et me know if you have any difficulties accessing it .. the book is under library when you login in the Amazon kindle.. it’s an ebook… You must use the book as a resource or points will be deducted from me .. or if you know somewhere else where you can access is , feel free but as long it’s the the correct book and correct edition.

23 Mar 2021 02:50

Hi.. thanks so much for your help.. it’s 2 page ..2 assignments .. 1 page should be 1 assignment.. should be at least 200 words .. APA formatting…. Remember there are minimum lengths and expectations of analysis and application of course concepts. You are expected to use the textbook as your first source and to cite in-text where you used the text information. A complete reference list is expected at the end of each discussion… Pleaee label each assignment … assignment 1; In this activity, we will examine cross-cultural issues related to child-rearing, particularly with infants. We will look at two specific topics: sleeping arrangements and attachment. Read the following articles:

Then find someone who grew up in a culture different from your own. Remember that culture can be defined in many ways. You can also find an interviewee from the class by posting a request in the Cybercafe. Interview them about infant sleeping arrangements and attachment behavior practices. Also ask them how infants are welcomed in their culture.

Report what you found as well as what culture you are describing. Be sure to use ONLY a first name or a pseudonym and to tell us which two cultures you are comparing.

What conclusions about these topics did you draw after the reading and interviews?
assignment 2; You are going to create a preschool program for children ages 3-5 that will enhance physical, cognitive and emotional development. You must include the following three elements:

a) For physical development, describe the play equipment you will have outdoors, addressing its developmental value for physical development as well as the safety implications.
b) For cognitive development, create an activity for a class designed to tap into one of the skills of Piaget’s preoperational stage and explain which specific Piagetian skills the activity will develop.
c) For socioemotional development, explain which of Erikson’s stages would be most appropriate and how your program would address the needs of this stage.

The key is to address the theory in the textbook as it relates to your program. …. Thanks so much.. let me know if you need something


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