Mass Communication

This is an assignment of the international communication class, I will try my best to describe and instruct you on how to write it. It is quite complicated since the story is my personal story and I am asking you to complete the assignment for me. I will attach the doc file with few of my previous writing describing my stories. It is crucial that you understand that I want you to implement outside evidences to supports my claims and my perspective with extending my story until it reaches the rubric requirement.

This is an instruction straight from the professor: “Based on outside readings, in-class discussions, and personal reflection, students will craft a personal story statement (circa 1750 words) regarding their own personal story as it relates to particular themes of the course. Claims will need to be supported with appropriate outside evidence—both “traditional
academic” and anecdotal.”

I will provide you with the sample writing that I did before, it is only a draft, but the content is enough to construct the long research paper. The file that I attached only has my personal perception and my worldview, please find outside evidences to support my claims.

The main elements in my story are composed of third culture child (I grew up in different countries with different customs; namely Thailand, Switzerland, South Korea, and in the US.) First sources should be an outside article or research about growing up in many cultural environment (can’t find their own identities, got confused by too information, exposed to variety of beliefs since the young age, bla bla bla). I also mentioned that my father is a diplomat and I get to experience intercultural communication from the young age. The second source should be about an experiences of working in embassy in foreign country where one needs to adapt to the host culture while maintaining ones’ root. Or the risks and responsibility that were bestowed to the diplomat or ambassador of representing their countries and how devastating the consequences will be if they make a mistakes. Or it could be about any other information regarding to having a diplomat as a family member and get to see the intercultural interaction up close, give a convincing evident that make the professor feels interested.
You can also read this from the .doc file that I attached to, I was born in Thailand. It is my first culture/ language. One of the word file attached are from the interview conducted with my grandma about her past and how social settings in Thailand has change. The third source should be on the globalization process and how social media contributes to this process (I also mentioned in my attached doc file as well, this happens to every country. It does not need to be specifically about Thailand.)

One other source you can add to your liking or what you feel suitable in my story. The book that was being used in class was called “Samovar, L. A., Porter, R. E., McDaniel, E. R., & Roy, C. S. (2016). Communication between cultures (9th ed.). Boston, MA: Wadsworth, Cengage Learning” the chapters that I have learned so far are from chapter 1-5, you can use some of the key ideas from the book to tie that into my writing. I will also include the syllabus, so you would have an idea on what the class is about and you can write along the theme of the class to impress my professor. I will also attach the rubric for this assignment, please read and understand it before writing the paper. Try to write along with the guidelines of the rubric.


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