Health Risk Assessment Research

Work Place Health Risk Assessment Research Paper (For competency assessment):

The research paper will be used to assess the EHS concentration competencies for this course, PHC-6355. You are required to write a Health Risk Assessment research paper. The sequence of the completion of the research paper will be is as follows:

In consultation with me you will decide a topic by week 3. The topic must include an work environment health risk which may range from a regulated toxic chemical (e.g. lead and workers), a safety problem (e.g. Falls in workplace such as Construction Site) to an work environment linked health hazard (e.g. Indoor air quality and associated disorder such as sick building syndrome). It is important to describe the processes of an identified occupation (e.g., fire fighters, farm worker, anesthesiologists, construction worker, computer scientist, aquaculture, restaurant worker) where the worker is getting exposed to a hazard. For example, in hospital setting when a health provider get exposed to radiation with how much quantity and how frequently the provider is getting exposed to ionizing radiation. Similarly, when a farm worker is getting exposed to certain pesticide, how often and the magnitude of the exposure. You will submit an outline of your paper in week 6 and a first draft of your paper in week 9. You will receive feedback on your first draft from your designated peers/me in the week 11. After incorporating the feedback you will submit the final research paper in Week 15.

general guideline recommends to include the following in your final health risk health assessment report:

  1. Statement of the problem & significance of the problem
  2. Monitoring, Detection, Diagnosis of hazard / health problem
  3. Past and existing studies conducted; validity and generalizability of studies
  4. Methodology that led to law and regulation along with their implementation and/or enforcement, policy
  5. Prevention and control (primary, secondary, tertiary; 3Es – education, engineering, enforcement)
  6. Future direction – research needs / socio-political / law-enforcement / health education
  7. Public Health Implication
  8. Conclusion and Recommendation
  9. References:  consistent referencing style in text and on the reference list

You will format the report similar to a scientific review paper and you will include complete references to source materials in APA format. It should be double spaced with 1” margins and no less than 15 pages in length (not including the title page or the references section; however, this may include tables and/or figures). Format in text citations and references should be according to the APA style. It is desirable to reproduce figures and tables from published scientific articles when they add to the information, as long as there is clear citation/acknowledgment of the source and a description/explanation within the text. Pages of the report should be numbered consecutively beginning with a title page, (the title page does not count towards the 15-page length requirement), followed by an “Abstract” which is not to exceed 250 words, the main text with relevant subheadings, and a section titled “Conclusions and Recommendations” at the end, followed by the “References” section (the References do not count towards the 15-page requirement). The main text can be organized as appropriate to the subject, but should provide information on the background of the problem including history, discussion of the health effects, a discussion of the degree of certainty or uncertainty, and, for most subjects, a discussion of regulations and governmental policies. The references section should be single spaced with a space between successive citations and should primarily comprise peer-reviewed journal articles (preferably at least 10 publications), not web pages, magazines, newspaper articles, blogs etc. If you get a journal paper from the web, you do not need to give the web address as a part of the reference, but do not reference anything that you have not read in its entirety. Health Assessment Report will be graded according to the rubric posted along with the assignment.

This is a “Turnitin” assignment which will check for plagiarism. Review the detailed Turnitin Instructions. on how to submit your assignments and how to review the Grademark comments (feedback) from your professor.


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