Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology

Module 2 Chapters (4-6)
Required Materials: Comer, R.J. & Comer, J.S. (2019). Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology (9th Edition). New York: Worth. ISBN 978-1-319-12669-8
Watch the TED talk located within this module entitled, “How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifespan” and answer the following questions:
What is your opinion on the ACE studies? Do you think they are representative of the whole population? Do you think the results are a product of “science” or simply a rough childhood? Why do you think that children are especially susceptible to trauma?
• Initial post (15 points) for responding to the questions/ comments I present. To do this, click “Create New Thread” on the page. Adequate responses will be well-informed and evident that you have read the material rather than simply stating personal opinions. Be sure to support your responses with information from the text. Also note that you will not be able to see other student responses until you post your own. This initial post should be at least 300 words.
• A Question (2 points) related to anything within the chapters that are covered in the module’s readings and assignments. Your question should be clearly stated, and should allow for discussion. Thus, you should not pose a question that has a straight-forward answer. Instead, you should ask something that can spark discussion – or something that you truly need help understanding. Learn from each other!
This assignment has 2 parts! Please let me know if you have any questions or you are not able to get the reading material required!!


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