Space Awareness, Body Awareness, Balance and Coordination, & Laterality

Use the information from the presentation on each topic to thoroughly answer the following questions.

Space Awareness –
Describe the concept of general space and self-space by using examples of directions, levels, and pathways. Incorporate the description of teaching extensions in space in a detailed and applicable example of a classroom setting.

Body Awareness –
Thoroughly describe the importance in teaching body awareness and relationships with other objects while providing a detailed and applicable example of teaching body awareness in a classroom setting.

Balance and Coordination –
Describe the key points in teaching a child balance and coordination. Using static and dynamic balance provide and describe, in detail, 3 examples of teaching balance and coordination in a classroom setting.

Laterality –
Thoroughly define laterality and how it is incorporated in physical education. Secondly, include the potential impact that it can have on a student’s development by providing and describing 3 activities that can improve a student’s laterality in a classroom setting.


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