Context and Importance of the Problem

Writing Assignment 4: Paper Introduction

Submit the final draft of the Context and Importance of the Problem section, otherwise known as the Introduction. The Introduction of your paper should be approximately four (4) paragraphs, usually two (2) full pages in length.


The Introduction should include:

  1. A description of the problem;
  2. The effects of the problem;
  3. An introduction of your topic of investigation and description of how this area of crime policy should help solve the problem and achieve the goals outlined in the prompt; and
  4. A road map paragraph that details what the rest of the paper will do and how it will be structured.


The purpose of the Context and Importance of the Problem section is to convince the target audience that a current and urgent problem exists which requires them to take action. The Context and Importance of the Problem is both the introductory and the first building blocks of the policy brief/policy report. As such, it usually includes the following: a clear statement of the problem or issue; a short overview of the root causes of the problem; and a statement of the policy implications of the problem that establishes the need for a policy change.


Your assignment will be graded on three factors:

  1. Is the Introduction strategically focused on achieving the intended goal of convincing the target audience the need for change;
  2. Does it provide an adequately comprehensive but targeted argument within a limited space; and
  3. Is it succinct and give the reader a good understanding of what the rest of the paper will be about.

Upload a Word or PDF file of Writing Assignment 4 to this dropbox by the due date.


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