comics as public pedagogy

First Part:
The first slide should have the title of the reading, name of the author, and name of the student, as well as class information

Summarize the essential main points of the reading. Be thorough, please. Skimming will be obvious, so give a good concentrated read, then summarize. Please do not crowd a slide with a pile of text. So spread texts with bullet points over several slides. The main point is to let your colleagues know what the reading is about, to help them understand the reading and the author’s main arguments.

Slides can be colored, formatted, etc. Up to you.
[50/100 points]
Second Part:
Tells us how the author defends or pursues his or her main themes or arguments. Again, be generous with your slides.
[30/100 points]

Third Part:
Engage the reading, that is, your response to the reading. Here you can disagree or agree, fully or partially, with a logical defense of your views. Then state how the reading fits into the course objectives. Please note, just because I am having you read these materials does not mean I agree with them fully. It’s simply important to know the status of the scholarship and popular articles in this important field of media and religion.

When possible (and again you can be creative here), find and present media that can help illustrate the piece.

Then END with questions for the class. Please be thoughtful with the questions. They should be more than: Hey, what do you all think?


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