Causes of Aggression (Emotions and Behavior)

PSYC 380
Research Paper Instructions
The Research Paper is the capstone assignment for this course and is to be a written representative of the research conducted on the psychophysiological aspects of an issue chosen from the textbook. Students will choose a topic from the topic selection list (separate document) OR choose a relevant topic from the textbook and have it pre-approved by the course instructor prior to the Research Paper: Title Page, Outline, and References assignment. Using the services of Liberty University’s Online Library, you will select and read at least 8 recent journal articles on the chosen issue. You will then summarize your findings in an 8–10-page paper, written in current APA style, and submitted through SafeAssign. This assignment is separated into 2 parts: the Title Page, Outline, and References submission, and the completed Research Paper submission.

Title Page, Outline, and References
It is important for you to use the current Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association as you format your paper.
The Title Page is to reflect the formatting of the current APA manual (Student Standards).
The Outline should reflect the information found in the scholarly articles you have identified in your reference list.

The references must be journal articles that are found in the APA PsycNET database found on the research portal of Liberty University’s Online Library. This portal can be accessed via the web by all Liberty University students. The Title Page and References must reflect proper and current APA formatting.


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