Both violence and activism for justice can be witnessed within Christian missionization.

My thesis for the essay is about violence and activism for justice among Christian missionary.

Two PPT(lecture) attachments exemplify how violence and activism for justice are presented during Christian missionary, which can be used to provide background idea, and some examples in essays.

Sources to use:
1. Douglass’s Anti-Slavery speech:
2. Second source can be chosen between “Fredriksen, Birth of Christianity”(Fredericksen, Paula. 2002. “The Birth of Christianity and the Origins of Christian Anti-Judaism.” In Jesus, Judaism, and Christian Anti-Judaism: Reading the New Testament after the Holocaust. Edited by Paula Fredriksen and Adele Reinharz. Pp. 8-30. Westminster: John Knox Press.), a paper that examine the anti-judaism in Christianity,
or “_History and Presence_ 2. Abundant History”(Orsi, Robert A. 2016. History and Presence. Cambridge, MA: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press. Chapter 2: Abundant History. Pp. 48-57), as some of its paragraphs, such su in page 57, provide example of how Christian serve as the disguise for violence and corruption, while also provide resistance and rebellion through conversion.
Only two sources are required. Please feel free to choose the second source that you like to use as the second sources for the essay.


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