Behavior Analysis

Javier is a BCBA who works at a large agency with multiple departments that provide various
behavior-based services to individuals with intellectual disabilities including: ABA-based
treatments, parent support groups, family therapy, and respite services. Javier received an audit
from the funding source for one of the individuals on his caseload. In reviewing his
documentation and the billing information submitted; Javier noticed consistent weekly
occurrences where his company billed for ABA-based services that were not provided to the
individual. In researching the discrepancy, Javier found that the company did provide respite
services (which are not part of the family’s authorized funding) and those respite services were
billed as ABA-based treatment. Javier knows how much the family has benefited from the
support and relief the respite services have provided.
Submission instructions
1. Type your response in a Microsoft Word document. You will submit this document
in the Module 7 Billing Scenario Assignment Folder in eLearning.
Include the following information:
• Your Name
• What ethical codes should Javier consider when determining the best course
of action to take in this scenario? List all applicable ethics codes
• Provide the rationale for the chosen code(s) and if you believe a violation has
• Identify factors that may have led to the current scenario and strategies that
could have prevented the scenario from occurring.
• Given the scenario, describe an ethical course of action moving forward
(include potential risk factors and areas that may require continued
• If you were Javier’s supervisor, and he brought this to you, how would you
respond and make changes to prevent this occurring within the organization
moving forward?


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