Beautiful Boy The Movie

Student Instructions:
Your instructor will assign a developmental psychology films ;Beautiful Boy; with strong developmental themes. You are to make life span development observations attending to the six items listed below.1. A description of the film assigned and the settings that were in the film, number of individuals observed in the film, their ages, activities and interactions with each other. C.II.G.3.e.f.g, AL-ASBE- Summary of “normal” physical, cognitive, and socioemotional issues encountered by individuals of these ages. C.II.G.3. a,b,e,f,g,h AL-ASBE- A detailed description of your observations of the physical, cognitive, and socioemotional behaviors of your subjects, as well as a comparison/contrast of the developmental behavior of older and younger populations. C.II.G.3 e. f. g. h..4. A careful description of any “abnormal” behaviors in your subjects, if any, and a description of appropriate professional referrals. C.II.G.3 a,b,e,f,g,h AL-ASBE- the following and information related to: a) developmental crises, disability, psychopathology, situational/environmental factors related to abnormal behavior; b) theories and etiology of addictions and addictive behaviors, including strategies for prevention, intervention and treatment, and c) theories for facilitating optimal development and wellness over the lifespan. C.II.G.3. a,b,e,f,g,h6. A specific referral list, to include individual, cultural, group, couple, and community resources, located in your designated area. Please include resources needed due to the effects of a crisis, disaster and other trauma causing events. C.II.G.3.C.D..


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