Theory Outline Form (Reality)

Highlights of a Theory Outline Form (Reality)
1. Title Page (Separate Page)
2. Abstract
3. Introduction
• In no more than one paragraph provide an overview of what your paper will cover
4. Overview of Theory:
• History: in no more than 2 paragraphs summarize the history of the theory.
• Theory: in no more than 5 paragraphs summarize the core concepts of this theory. Include each of the following (1 paragraph each):
1. Health and well-being: What leads to health and well being?
2. Dysfunction: What causes dysfunction?
3. Client-counselor relationship: What is the theory’s perspective on the client-counselor relationship?
4. Role of counselor: What is the role of the counselor?
5. Role of client: What is the role of the client?
• The Therapy Process: in no more than 3 paragraphs summarize the process of therapy (1 paragraph each):
1. Change process: What is the process of change?
2. Goals: What are the goals in therapy?
3. Techniques: What are the techniques used? Provide a brief description of each.
• Evaluation: in no more than 2 paragraphs summarize (1 paragraph each):
1. Research: What is the scholarly research on the theory? Identify research that both supports and discounts the theory. If there is no research than state so. Use resources for this section.
2. Multicultural Considerations: How applicable is this theory with culturally diverse populations? If it isn’t applicable state so. Provide scholarly citations for support.
• Future Developments: in no more than 3 paragraphs discuss the future of the theory (1 paragraph each):
1. Future: What is the future of the theory based on the scholarly literature?
2. Counselor-advocate: How do you incorporate being an advocate into the theory? In other words, what aspects of the theory could be used in the community realm?
• Applications: one paragraph each:
• Client group: What client group is this theory most applicable?
• Counseling setting: What counseling setting is this theory most applicable?

4. Personal Reflection
• Likes and Dislikes: in 1 paragraph discuss what you like and in 1 paragraph discuss what you dislike about the theory
• Limitation: in no more than 1 paragraph identify one limitation about the theory
• Strength: in 1 paragraph identity one strength about the theory.


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