Social Work

1st part:
Write 5 pages based on competencies 3, 5, 7, and 8 (competencies are attached)
Use the information in the work sheet attached. Describe 3 human behavior theories, micro and macro relevant to college students. Provide a rationale for the theory. Analyze one of the three theories from the worksheet to provide evidence based knowledge to support the theory. Evaluate the strengths. For Competency 7: How is the assessment and support systems and resources specific to college institutions.
2nd part:
Write 3 pages based on competencies 3 and 5 (competencies are attached)
Use 3 social policies relevant to the practice situation in dealing with college students at a local, state, and federal policy level. Use a rationale for each policy with a practice situation (a practice behavior under the competency) used for college students at a university.
Evaluate the strengths and limitation of the current knowledge and resources available from a policy

Info: Theories and models link (if needed):


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