Social Work

Theresa Burgess
March 24, 2021
Worksheet: Section 3
 You will create an evaluation plan to assess the effectiveness of one of the interventions
you described in Section 2. Please answer the following questions.
1) What is the intervention you will evaluate?

2) What are the results of the previous studies that evaluated the effectiveness of the
intervention? (You will locate 3-5 previous studies on outcome effectiveness of the practice
intervention provided at a similar practice setting).

3) Based on the previous studies, you will develop your own evaluation plan. Please briefly
identify the following items and justify your decision (i.e., why did you choose the participants,
recruitment plan, research design, etc.?).
1) Research participants
2) Recruitment plan
3) Research design (e.g., Pre-experimental? If so, what kind of pre-experimental
research design?)
4) Data collection process
5) Assessment tools for your outcomes
6) Tentative findings
7) Implications
8) Dissemination plan (i.e., how to share your results with a wider community)


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