Research paper

Mid-term Rubric

The mid-term paper will make up 20% of your final grade. You are asked to write a brief (4-5
pages) APA-format paper pages on a personality theorist. Your paper should show that you have
a clear understanding of the theory, and also include your critiques of the theory. To thoroughly
discuss the theory, and to provide support for your critiques, you should use academic sources
(scholarly journal articles, books, book chapters) that discuss current research or discussion of
the theory. You should discuss, using your sources, how this theory is or is not applicable to
different individuals or groups
Your grade will be based on the following:
Structure- Paper is well organized, with well-developed thesis statement. Each paragraph begins
with a strong introductory sentence that provides an overview of the paragraph, and a concluding
sentence that briefly summarizes the paragraph- 0-15 possible points
12-15 points- Thesis statement is clear, well-written, and provides an overview of paper.
Introductory and concluding sentences are strong, and paragraphs are well-organized.
8-11 points- Thesis statement adequately explains focus of the paper. Introductory and
concluding sentences are adequate.
4-7 points- Thesis statement needs further development. Introductory and concluding statements
do not adequately introduce or conclude the paragraph. Paragraphs are not organized in a way
that makes paper easy to read and understand.
0-3 points- Thesis statement is absent or very unclear
Syntax and grammar- Paper is clearly written with minimal spelling, grammar, and syntax
errors- 0-20 possible points.
14-20 points- Paper is carefully written, with minimal syntactical and grammar errors. Sentence
structure is strong.
7-13 points- Paper contains occasional grammatical or syntactical errors.
0-6 points- Paper has significant grammatical and syntax errors that seriously reduce quality of
the paper.
Quality of ideas and presentation- Points are clearly presented, include factual information,
and detailed. Includes a strong critique of theory. 0-45 points possible
31-45 points- Ideas are easy to understand, detailed, clearly presented, and include accurate and
factual information. Ideas are strongly supported. Critique is strong, thorough, and supported
with well-developed arguments.
16-30 points- Ideas are clear, but lack sufficient detail, and may include some minor –
inaccuracies. Little support is offered for ideas. Paper includes a critique, but it is incomplete or
not well-supported.


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