Dr. Michael Lenaghan, Faculty

INSTRUCTIONS: In 35,000 words or less, word-processed format, complete sentences,
8 and ½ x 11 inch paper, and concise paragraphs, please provide answers to at least
FOUR of the questions below – using your own words, examples and appropriate
graphs, charts and illustrations. More than FOUR responses will generate extra credit.

DUE: Wednesday Feb. 24 midnight, 2020

1 Identify, describe and give examples of the importance of House and Senate
committee hearings in defining, describing and delineating issues and initiatives that
impact WE THE PEOPLE through existing and proposed laws and their application –
pertinent to the Federal budget, financial institutional oversight and job creation, citing
two examples each in the Senate and the House.
2 What are the principal strengths and shortcomings for the USA that now may be
derived from successful implementation for the Trans-Pacific Partnership and Climate
Change Accord of Paris? What are advantages for the USA of not participating?
3 What are the areas of agreement and disagreement among Democratic and
Republican law makers in in approaching a new comprehensive US immigration law
under President Biden and Vice President Harris?
4 What information, insights and inspirations are derived from competence and
mastery in USA geography to enable FEDERAL OFFICIALS to be more effective?
5. How are the federal policy aspirations of the Women’s March on Washington, the
“ME TOO” movement, and The March For Our Lives Rally in DC succeeding or not?
6. What were the basic implications for the average taxpayer and the highest earners
in Trump’s Bill for Tax Reform continuing to be implemented compared to Biden
7. Enduring the Coronavirus Covid19 further, interest rates by the Federal Reserve
will remain low. What are the implications of maintenance of the Federal Reserve low
interest rates on the American economy?
8. With the Impeachment Number 2 not leading to conviction, what are the probable
civil and criminal local, state and federal laws violated attributable to citizen Trump?
Engage your wonderful multiple intelligences, research and writing and curiosity
in this endeavor and you will exceed expectations.
2021 © Michael J. Lenaghan


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