Ethical Scenario and Decision to be Made

Ethical Scenario and
Decision to be Made


Embezzlement of funds

Lack of accountability
in utilization of
Covid-19 kitty

(UN, 2020)

What should be done right:

Proper identification of

Funds to be used to support
the vulnerable members of the

(UN, 2020)

Strengths and

Advantages of the Covid-19

Project Manager’s responsibilities VS Client’s happiness and satisfaction

(UN, 2020)

Direct cash disbursement

Deferment of repayments

Unemployment insurance

Free medical services

Alternate Strategy (Plan)

(UN, 2020)

(Ogunlere et al., 2019, pp. 32-33)

Strengths and Possible Risks with the Plan

Political interference in some countries

Continued funding and donations if
accountability is enhanced

Continued corruption and fraud cases should
the governments fail to enhance transparency

Appropriate legislative framework to fight

Actions in Implementing

Establishment of Covid-19 mitigation committees

Strict legal implications for perpetrators of corruption

Public participation to gather opinions and suggestions

Interconnected networks linking different stakeholder playing different roles in mitigation
of the pandemic.


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