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Layout Assignment

Using all the design concepts you have learned up to this point, create a flyer (8.5 x 11 inches) in InDesign or Illustrator (only for this assignment). The goal of this flyer is to promote an event.

Remember that it must be clear to the reader/audience:

  • who is advertising (who is organizing this event)
  • who is invited to this event (who is the audience)
  • what this event is about (for example career fair, health fair, music festival, live band, etc..)
  • and don’t forget to mention the date, time, and location.

**When designing your flyer, remember what you learned about repetition, alignment, flow, balance, and contrast. Your flyer must reflect these design concepts.**

You are free to create a flyer about the product/company/issue you’ve already been working on for your brochure or choose a real event happening in the community, or make something up for this assignment.

For the mechanical part (your ability to manipulate the InDesign tools your learned), you have to set up the grid, margins, bleed marks, and the bleeds (if applicable).

Then on a separate Word doc, identify/discuss in your design

  • Contrast
  • Balance
  • Alignment
  • Repetition
  • Flow

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