Critically discuss Michael Sandel’s communitarian critique of liberalism

The aim of this assignment is to offer you the opportunity to develop and perfect your ability
to describe carefully a complex position and to produce effective arguments for and/or against

this position.
Prompt for the 2nd Essay

Critically discuss Michael Sandel’s communitarian critique of liberalism.
Make sure to give a brief, general characterization of Michael Sandel’s critique of liberalism
before you begin critically assessing certain aspects of his critique. After this brief, general
characterization, however, you should feel free to focus on certain features of Sandel’s critique

and to neglect others.

When critically assessing Sandel’s position, make sure that you offer reasons as to why you
agree or disagree with Sandel. You should also consider possible objections to your
argumentation as well as intellectual or practical implications of your assessment of Sandel’s


Finally, please use a title for your essay. The prompt should not be used as title.
The short essays should be about 1000 words. They should be submitted via Blackboard as Word
document (.doc or .docx) or PDF file by 23h59 on the day on which day are due. The font should
be Times New Roman, the font size should be 12 pt., the spacing should be 1.5, and the name of
the file should be YourLastName_Essay_No.dox(x).
Your short essays will be graded according to the following, equally relevant,
five criteria: coherence of the thesis, strength of the argument, adequate use of relevant primary
texts (and secondary literature), clarity of structure, and correctness of form.

You can use any secondarily text, relating to
Assessing the Communitarian Critique of Liberalism


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