Critical thinking

This mini assignment is designed to expose students to various aspects of critical thinking. Students will use a specific taxonomy to identify the different aspects of critical thinking. Students will review different research studies and apply critical thinking skills.
The critical thinking discussion needs to be based on the student’s critical perspective. Example questions to guide the process of critical thinking are:
1. What is the main issue?

2. What is the conclusion?

3. What are the reasons/rationale for why we are to believe the conclusion?

4. What words or phrases are ambiguous?

5. What are the value conflicts and assumptions?

6. What are the descriptive assumptions?

7. Are there any fallacies in the reasoning?

8. How good is the evidence?

9. Are there rival causes?

10 . Are the statistics deceptive?

11. What significant information is omitted?

12. What reasonable conclusions are possible?

13. Are there issues related to diversity that should be considered?

14. Are there social and economic justice issues that should be considered?

15. What considerations should be made regarding human behavior and the social environment?

Written Assignment: Students will examine three research methods for a topic of interest, for example, quantitative, qualitative, mixed methods. Discuss the research method and how it is used in research. Students must analyze each method for their topic of interest and discuss the strengths and weaknesses for using that method, for example, the statistical procedures conducted, sample, selection, etc. Students must analyze the results section for each method and discuss the strengths and weakness of the findings, for example, statistic results, etc. The total length of this assignment will be 3-5 pages in APA format. Follow the outline below:
Research Methods
Research Method A
Research Method B
Research Method C
Results/Findings Section
Research Findings for Method A
Research Findings for Method B
Research Findings for Method C


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