County health department delivery system

154.01–County health department delivery system
Summary: County health department services shall be established to include three levels of
service and funded as follows: (a) "Environmental health services", (b) "Communicable disease
control services", (c) "Primary care services". Primary care services are acute care and
preventive services supported by available federal, state, and local funds and shall include
services mandated on a state or federal level. Examples of primary health care services include,
but are not limited to school health and other listed services.
*We propose that the county health services department also include educational
services. Services that educate the population about the risk of a certain health problem
and how it can be overcome.

 Each Group is responsible for submitting a final paper project on the faculty
approved narrowly construed healthcare policy change to an existing law.
o The final group project paper shall include details on how they intend to
formulate, implement, finance and modify the “existing law” with their policy
o The final group project paper shall address the likely arguments of opposing
concerned interest groups.
o Peer review journal sources and books, “external authoritative sources” are
required to be used, cited and referenced properly throughout the paper.
o Each Group shall be responsible for conducting an extensive literature
review/investigation of their policy change (including but not limited to
comparable legislation, cost of proposed policy, sources of funding to implement
and maintain said policy).
o A ten (10) page paper shall be turned in by each Group Spokesperson on or
before the due date as noted on Canvas and the Course Schedule. Use of charts
and tables are strongly encouraged but should be placed in the appendix rather
than in the body of the paper. The ten (10) page paper requirement does not
include title page, table of contents, abstract, references or appendix.
 Paper Formatting Requirements:
o Each group paper shall include the following 5 sections. Points will be deducted
if any section title or substantive material in each of the sections is missing:
 Title page (including Group# & member names);
 Introduction (discussing the global, national, state and local implications of
the group policy change and explaining how and why the group selected to
focus on this particular policy change. At the end of this section the group
should set forth the Group’s policy change in brief);
 Results (this is where the group states their findings – What the cost of the
policy change is expected to ential, sources of funding to implement and
maintain said policy change (i.e. the details, the specific language of your
policy change);

 Discussion (this is where your group explains what comparable legislation
and support for the group policy change having used the literature and other
authoritative external sources to support the arguments made. Also, discuss
other similar policies and/or if this policy exists elsewhere, as well as,
identifying and addressing the expected concerns of suspected opposing
interest groups;
 Conclusions & Recommendations (this is where you can explain how the
policy change accomplishes the group’s ideals/intent of the policy).
 APA Style in-text citations using “external authoritative sources” are required
in each of the five sections
o Guidance
4.1 Citation of a source is required on each table/chart used and in every sentence
where a number appears
4.2 Data and Sources. All data (facts and figures/statistics) shall be referenced
appropriately. References and in text citations shall be in APA Style format. For those
students that need help with proper APA in text citation and references, please see the
following link: Additional APA Style links and
documents will be posted on the Class online site. Also, see – this
source is available free to FIU students and will assist you in formatting references
properly in APA and other formats. An additional source 8. Required Section
Headings/Content in Paper.
5. Grading Rubric/Requirements for Final Paper Project: In order to receive maximum
points for the submission the submission shall:
5.1 Contain and discuss a single specific and detailed change to an existing law that
was approved by faculty
5.2 The paper shall contain and fully address each of the 5 required sections in the
paper format set forth herein above
5.3 The paper shall include proper APA Style in text citations in every paragraph and on
every issue as well as in every sentence with a number, year, statistic, percentage or
the like. APA Style references are also required.
5.4 The paper shall include proper content in each of the 5 named section.
5.5 At least one external authoritative source in each paragraph in each section to
support the narrative in each paragraph.
5.6 The writing shall be the students’ own words except for limited quotes properly cited
and referenced.
5.7 Proper English is required throughout the entire paper.


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