Assignment brief reflective report, critcial commentary / reflection

Task Instructions:

i. Choose two classic children’s books aimed at the 7-13 age bracket, broadly similar in type (e.g. animal stories, or fantasy, or adventure etc.) written in two of three distinct eras, e.g. Victorian / Edwardian times; the pre- / post- war period; late 20th century / beginning of 21stcentury. There should be at least 20 years between the original publication dates of the two books chosen. Check with your seminar tutor if you are not sure there is a big enough gap between the publication dates.

ii. Cary out a thematic analysis of the key motifs, characters and events within the books. You may like to consider such issues as gender roles, race, social class, power, attitudes to money, wealth and poverty, homelessness, death, bereavement and loss, romantic and sexual relations, violence and cruelty, the environment, etc.

iii. Present the findings in a discursive essay answering both the following questions of the essay title:


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