Your second essay assignment is to analyze a case study—the Buswell book or a documentary—from the perspective of a theoretical lens that we have covered in the first half of the class. Your analysis of the case study must be in the form of an argument—convince the reader why your analysis is correct. There are seven theoretical perspectives you can choose from, and you can choose any of the case studies listed in the assignment, which is linked here download. The rubric for the final draft of this essay, which is linked here download, is just like the one for the first essay.

Your first draft must be 2 FULL typed pages, not including your Bibliography.

From the very first draft, you need to make sure your citations are formatted correctly in the Chicago Style. Use the guide “Citations of Case Studies in Chicago Style” in the “Writing Resources” module for help. It will show you the citations for all of the possible case studies.

The steps for completing the entire essay are provided in the link. For the first draft, you just need to focus on making an original argument about whatever case study most interests you.
Do the case study on this one➢ “Hajj: Stories of the Modern Pilgrimage” and “The Mecca Diaries” (you are also welcome to include
what we read from The Autobiography of Malcolm X as part of this case study)


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