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Assessment Task 1 Information
Link to Unit Learning Outcomes
This assessment task is designed to assess your capacity to:
 demonstrate an understanding of common types of mental healthdelivery system
 demonstrate an understanding of the application of models of
assessment to counselling practice
 develop an understanding of assessment techniques for use with
mental health issues
 examine the current practice issues for mental health issues in
Details of the task
Select two of the following mental health issues and write a short essay and a
client handout for each of them:
 Depression
 Grief
 Stress
 Anxiety
For each of the two mental health issues, you must select a different
population (e.g., depression in older adults, grief of migrants) and/or a
contextual factor (e.g., social anxiety, work-related stress). Trauma is not an
appropriate topic for this assessment task as it is taught in the second half of
the semester and included in assessment task 2.
The focus of the assignment should be on mental health issues (e.g.,
depression) and not on diagnosable mental illnesses (e.g., major depressive
Part A: Two Essays – 1,600 words each (3,200 words in total)
Research materials that are related to these issues. You will use this research
to write a short essay about each of the two mental health issues that address
the following questions:
1. What symptoms are suitable for addressing in counselling? What
symptoms indicate that a referral to another service is required?
2. How would you evaluate the symptoms of a client who has been
referred for counselling with this mental health issue?
3. What interventions might be helpful for counselling someone with this

Throughout the essays, use and critically evaluate authoritative research
literature (peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, or reports) to support
your answers to the above questions. Websites, blogs, obscure texts, and
unpublished material are not considered authoritative sources. Answers to the
above questions must be logically justified – why are these symptoms suitable
for counselling/needing referral, what makes these evaluations and
interventions appropriate for this mental health issue and population/context?
Part B: Two Handouts – 400 words equivalent each (800 word equivalent in
For each of the two mental health issues, you must develop a single-sided
(A4) handout that you would give to counselling clients that address in simple
language the following


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