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For assignment 2 , for the movie , if you need to login into pgcc, here is the login, username; stagnes2339 Password; Googlesim1#

30 Mar 2021 04:52

30 Mar 2021 04:38

The name of the book we will be using for this assignment is ; Essentials of Lifespan Development, John Santrock; 6e McGraw Hill Publishers….. I have an ebook of it on my Amazon kindle ;et me know if you have any difficulties accessing it .. the book is under library when you login in the Amazon kindle.. it’s an ebook… You must use the book as a resource or points will be deducted from me .. or if you know somewhere else where you can access is , feel free but as long it’s the the correct book and correct edition.

30 Mar 2021 04:36

Hi…. this is 2 assignments.. so 1 assignment is 1 page … APA formatting… 200 words at least for 1 assignment … You are expected to use the textbook as your first source and to cite in-text where you used the text information. A complete reference list is expected at the end of each discussion……. please upload it 2 times what I mean is assignment 1 should be 1 upload then assignment 2 another upload… APA …. Assignment 1; In this assignment we will examine the issue of cognitive development. First, find an academic (university or college) website related to concrete operational thinking, the Piagetian stages common to children in middle childhood (remember that middle childhood is ages 7-11).

Summarize what you learn on the website and give the URL. Be sure to identify the skills developed during concrete operations. Give at least 2 practical implications of this cognitive stage for either parents or teachers………………:: assignment 2; In this activity, we will explore the issues of adolescent identity and peer groups. You will watch the 1985 movie, The Breakfast Club. Log onto the Library:

Go to:;p=386086; click on Swank (scroll down) and follow directions.

Read the text and this article:

Discuss how realistic the portrayals of either a) peer relationships or b) identity (Erikson and Marcia) theory are. (It is critical to address specific theories in your answer since that is the most important piece of the DB. Simply discussing the film is not sufficient.)…. You need to use the book as your first resource.. I have it on my Amazon kindle and I will upload the login details


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