Job Evaluation Manul

Here is the powerpoint you will refer to when making the manual. I have also attached the case study for reference, please note that we are only working on phase I in the case study.

30 Mar 2021 16:10

Create a job evaluation manual for one of the job families so that others can use your system. See examples in your textbook or search the term “job evaluation manual” in a search engine for examples. Be sure to include details such as factors, factor definitions, weights, degrees, degree anchors, and points for one job family. Provide directions on how to use the job evaluation system. Illustrate this process with one job in the job family and explain how the evaluation process works. A non-HR person should be able to understand and use your manual. This document should be two to five pages which includes exhibits. It may also be a separate document or embedded word document in your slide deck.

I have attached the case study and our powerpoint slides. You will incorporate what we have in the powerpoint slides into the manual. You can also google “job evaluation manual” for examples.

I am not necessarily worried about reaching the word limit, but making this look like a nice manual This should only be 2-5 single pages long. I figured 4 pages is good enough.


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