Review the Test Scores located in the Module (3rd Grade/8th Grade). Choose one grade level to focus on for the paper.
Analyze the information on the standardized test report.
Use the TEMPLATE in Module to Write 1 Reports that Details what you would say to explain these Standardized Test Reports to the Parents or Guardians.
Self-Assessment Completed by Student: Using this Rubric, assess your own paper. Submit the Self-Assessment rubric along with your Parent Letter for points.
Written Entry: Upload your assignment and self-assessment to Canvas.

Complete your assignment using the exact language you would use if you were speaking directly to the learner’s parent or guardian. For example, you would begin by greeting the parent, “Thank you for coming in today to discuss Robert’s test scores.”
Preview rubric before you begin. Edit your paper for grammar and mechanics. Upload your assignment to the EDF 4467 webcourse before the due date.


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