design principles

You must consider all the design principles covered throughout the semester. In addition, students will plan and develop all headlines, sub-headlines, and captions for the brochure of a company, organization, or issue (cause). The brochure will be a 6-panel horizontal format. Overall size: 8 ½ by 11 inches (landscape). All headlines, sub-headlines, and main captions must be real text. Body copy may be fill-copy. Please use “ipsum lorum” which is available in InDesign.

After implementing the revisions, you will be ready to submit the final version of your brochure. Final means, you will submit a file that a printer will be able to process to print.

You must package your file which means you must include the native file, all the related links (images and font), as well as the PDF with bleeds and crop marks. Please carefully review the tutorials on how to prepare files for print. You will lose points if the files are not properly packaged.

You should review the rubric to understand how your brochure will be evaluated.


  • Set the bleeds (0.125″), and bleed background images (whether solid color or image).
  • Margins, half an inch, or 0.375 inches (recommended) – text is not to go beyond margins. When setting up your columns, remember to set up the gutters as well to ensure there is a sufficient amount of space between your text. The text should not be too close to the page edge or page fold – the audience will not be able to read your content.
  • Headlines and captions must be real text – coherent based on your design.
  • Contact info, whether it’s telephone number, address, website, etc… Contact info is usually (not always) located on the middle outside panel.
  • The amount of text, in this case, less is better. Too much text will crowd the design and discourage readers. Remember that selecting the appropriate font is crucial. The right font can enhance your design; as well as the opposite. I recommend staying away from a decorative font. They don’t always work well.
  • Work with a grid, it will help with alignment, flow, and balance.

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