Behavioral Disorders

The two families of disabilities you have collected articles on this week aren’t in the category of learning disabilities, but they can demonstrate a tremendous range of symptoms and be difficult to diagnose – while having a significant impact on your classroom or therapeutic climate. As you read these chapters on ADHD and emotional / behavioral disorders, think about particular areas with which you are less familiar or for which you’d like more information, possibly including finding tools to support these children and their families or classroom hints for teachers / team members working with these students.

As always, don’t forget to keep copies of all articles you select in your final course portfolio binder. Before 11:59 PM on 4/2 post the following in your own thread in this discussion (remembering to put your name in the first line of your thread). Answer all questions for EACH of your TWO selected articles, starting with an APA citation and URL link for each article, then writing each question and response. Make sure each numbered question response is at least 4 sentences long (except #1).

APA citations for each article
How did you find your articles, and what led you to search for this / these particular topic(s) or term(s)
What specific topic / idea in Ch. 7 or 8 (also tell which chapter, please) does this article relate to?
What are two things that you learned from or will take away from each article related to these challenges?
Overall, did you find that each article was well written and helpful to you? Why or why not?
Think of an experience or interaction you’ve had in your life related to one of these families of disabilities (for yourself, a peer, or a student you’ve observed or worked with) that relates to a concept from one of your articles. Describe the situation, how it relates to the article, and any change in perspective you have on the situation based on your new learning from these readings.
Add a follow up question at the end of your post that can contribute to our class discussion. The question can be related to any aspect of chapters 7 or 8.

The book we use is, Educating Exceptional Children 14th edition, Kirk, Gallagher, Coleman


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